Asesoría legal Ecuador

HISTORY, philosophy and commitment

its foundation

Ortega Lawyers & Associated is one of the older law firms of Ecuador, its trajectory starts at the beginning of the century, in 1915, under the initiative of Dr. Secundino Ortega Dávila. (1877 – 1953).

Since then, the profile of our founder has been a legacy for the generations of professionals that have been part of the law firm Ortega Lawyers & Associated S.A., a profile that is reflected in the concepts used by Dr. Merino Pérez in the prologue to his book called Forensic Practice when he says that the lawyer is a man of   vocation; this is, with virtues and behaviors as inclination, self–esteem, loyalty and sacrifice, that has fundamental principles as good reputation, decency, honesty, delicacy, correction and willing to defend the country in universal disputes. Following the steps of his father, Leonidas Ortega Moreira became part of the law firm; he was a well-known educator and public man. He graduated as Doctor of Law in 1936 and he practiced law during more than 50 years, until his premature decease in 1987.

While engaged in professional activity of Dr. Leonidas Ortega Moreira, the law firm was a witness to his actions as a man that served the citizens when he was asked; he served as President of the Municipal Council of Guayaquil in 1946. He was the President of the Provincial Tribunal of the Referendum that was to choose one of the two projects of Constitution that would rule the Republic from its return to democratic regime in year 1978; as a professional he founded and was the first President of the Lawyer’s Association of Guayaquil, and as an educator, as a Minister of Education and Sports in the Government of Dr. Ponce Enríquez in 1959, and as one of the founders of the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil. In 1963 he was appointed as “First Rector Magnificus ” by the Holy see. And he founded the Law School.

A tradition

Our current directors, Doctors Gustavo and Jaime Ortega Trujillo, maintaining the vision and commitment to the mission and service that characterized the personality of their ancestors, the Firm’s mentalizers, have continued their professional practice, sharing it with public service and teaching. .

Dr. Gustavo Ortega Trujillo, when he was Superintendent of Companies, led the drafting and approval process of what was the first Securities Market Law and the promotion of the Preventive Bankruptcy Law for Creditors. For his part, Dr. Jaime Ortega Trujillo, held the Presidency of the Court of Honor of the Guayas Bar Association for some years. Both hold the chair within the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil for some decades.

Its associated lawyers share the ideals of the Firm’s founders and therefore in their professional practice they stand out for their interest in serving the community, their clients and their academic growth, applying the highest principles of ethics and loyalty. Some also hold the chair at universities in the country.


Provide competent legal solutions, to the needs of our clients, in a reliable way.


Maintain ourselves as one of the most prestigious legal advisory firms in Ecuador.


Conscience, loyalty, commitment and responsibility are some of the principles that govern our actions.


Committed to the training of new legal professionals and for this our lawyers are professors at the main universities in the country and contribute directly through their active participation in local and international seminars as guest speakers.

The firm encourages the publication of professional books and articles by its members.


We firmly believe in the direct relationship that exists between the development of a country and the education of its youth and that is why it is part of the companies and individuals that support the Leonidas Ortega Moreira Foundation, whose objective is to contribute to improving the quality of education in the country with the transcendent implementation of training programs, libraries, scholarships, technologies and other languages ​​in the urban, marginal urban and rural sectors of the country.