Following the family tradition in the 70’s two of the sons of Dr. Leonidas Ortega Moreira became part of the firm, doctors Gustavo and Jaime Ortega Trujillo. Maintaining the vision, engaged with the mission and service that was a characteristic of the personality of the intellectual author of the Law Firm, Gustavo and Jaime Ortega Trujillo have continued with the professional practice combining it with public service, namely, the participation of Dr. Gustavo Ortega Trujillo in the promotion and approval of what became the first Stock Market Law when he was acting as Companies Superintendent and the participation of Dr. Jaime Ortega Trujillo, as President of the Honor Tribunal of Guayas Law Association. Nowadays the fourth generation of lawyers is part of the law firm with the presence of lawyers Gustavo Ortega Illingworth and Priscilla Ortega Illingworth. There is also a group of experimented professionals associated to the lawyers that have followed the family tradition and they are partners of the law firm.